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Augmented Reality

"A connection between artist and viewer"

From the moment the viewer activates the AR app and scans the print, you are transported into a world where art comes alive, where static images transform into dynamic narratives.

Through the 11 prints comprising The 1111 Project art collection, augmented reality serves as the bridge between the artist’s vision and the viewer’s experience, creating an intimate connection that goes beyond traditional boundaries.

With AR technology, viewers can delve deeper into each artwork, unlocking hidden layers of meaning and engaging with the artist’s creative process in unprecedented ways.

Collect the Future of Art.

Interact With Art Like Never Before.

Collect the unique art pieces supported with augmented reality for an extra dimension of value. NFTs have brought about an evolution of fine art collecting, especially because of their inherent nature of uniqueness and scarcity. 

This evolution perfectly aligns with the concepts The 1111 project stands for. Positivity and recognition for all spheres of art and artists, with undefined possibility at the probability of the value of art pieces rising unstoppably when tagged with cryptocurrency. Also, because NFTs are minted on the blockchain forever, they can’t be stolen, lost or damaged, as with physical prints. It’s an utterly brilliant way for individuals to secure their interests the arts. 

these artworks are currently in 12 cities all over the world

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In this book, we break down the mystery behind The 1111 Project and discuss the inspiration behind each artwork in details.

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