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The 1111 Project!

Created by Oladapo Ogunjobi  


What is it about?

The 1111 Project is birthed from one single idea: possibility. It is a visual artistic expression of eleven art pieces made to blur the lines between imagination and real life, through this illustrating that anything is possible. The 1111 Project is symbolic of the science, philosophy and psychology of numbers, because numbers are how humans have quantified their experiences for the longest time. Synchronicity exists in everything, in the artist’s life and in ours. The artworks are simply a visual stimulant meant to make the viewer conscious enough to notice. 

 The artworks express relatable real life experiences presented in an array of forms for ultimate viewer interaction. Limited edition art prints, NFTs, Virtual reality and Augmented Reality. But that’s not where it ends, it ends with you.  

The 1111 Project by Oladapo Ogunjobi


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11 Artworks

Intentionally curated, every piece is gotten from art collections Ouverture had created prior to The 1111 Project.

The artworks articulate real life experiences and positivity and is set to inspire the individual to live out what ever makes them happy. Human relationships, money, gratitude, the Law of Attraction are some of its endless themes. 

State of the Art Prints

The 11 photographic prints were made possible through a technique developed by the artists circa 2017/2018, called systematic abstract imaging. The prints are hand-signed in pencil lead with the artist’s autograph, with each one numbered and titled at the bottom of each print; making the send-off to the buyer personal and authentic. Straight from the artist’s studio in Nigeria, each of the 11 artworks go for the price of $111.10. More so, each piece of art is a limited edition of 1,111 available copies and measures a sizable 16 by 24 inches on 310gsm velvet finart paper.

Augmented Reality

The 1111 Project joins the AR train by animating the eleven artworks for an extra layer of meaning, that can be viewed through the Augemented Reality app, EyeJack.


If a picture says a thousand words, AR says about two billion all in an instance. It animates the concept behind The 1111 Project, giving the art pieces a deeper story to tell.


AR is design. It is design on another level, moving beyond just stills, to dynamic animation and movement with it.


The 1111 Project joins the AR train by animating the eleven artworks for an extra layer of meaning, that can be viewed through the Augemented Reality app, EyeJack.

There is more

The 1111 Project goes as far as NFTs

Get a physical certifcate of authentcity when you collect an NFT. The 1111 Project has the same selection of eleven art pieces with their augment reality features available on Opensea.io at the price of 1.11 Ether for the first editions. Every piece has an NFT limited edition of 11 copies each.

Every artwork on this project is a part of my life story and I’m happy I’ve been able to share this with you. I designed this project for individuals of different works of life. From the astronaut to the supermarket cashier, The 1111 Project is designed for you.

Oladapo Ogunjobi 'Ouverture'


The 1111 Project RECORD

Book 1

The 1111 Project has its very own ‘Record’, a written, humorous and insightful digest on everything the project has to offer including; behind the scenes, AR interviews with the artist, Ouverture, exclusive details on the artworks, prints, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and lots more. It’s a must have. 

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