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Say Goodbye to Old static Art: Here’s What’s Trending On The Global Art Scene

The global art scene

In the 21st century, the global art scene is undergoing a profound transformation, mirroring the rapid pace of change in our interconnected world. Gone are the days when art was confined to canvas or marble, static and unchanging. Today, as technology continues to advance at an unprecedented rate and globalization connects cultures like never before, the boundaries of art are expanding exponentially. Artists are no longer bound by traditional mediums or conventional techniques; instead, they are pushing the envelope, exploring new frontiers, and redefining the very essence of creativity.

The global art scene has become a vibrant melting pot of innovation, where artists from diverse backgrounds converge to experiment with a myriad of mediums, technologies, and ideas. From the bustling streets of urban metropolises to the remote corners of the world, creativity is limitless. Whether it’s harnessing the power of augmented reality to transform mundane environments into immersive art installations or leveraging blockchain technology to revolutionize the way art is bought and sold, the possibilities are limitless. As we bid farewell to the static art of yesteryear, we embark on a thrilling journey of exploration, embracing the dynamic evolution of art in all its forms.

Infusing Daily Life With Magic

‘Beautiful’ the first of eleven Augmented Reality Wall Arts from The 1111 Project explores the concept of beauty in relation to money. While creating this piece, the artist critiques societal shame surrounding enjoyment and indulgence, advocating for embracing life’s pleasures. While money is acknowledged as a means to achieve dreams, it is emphasized that it shouldn’t be the ultimate goal. The piece aligns with the Law of Attraction, promoting positive thinking to attract positive experiences. Ultimately, “Beautiful” encourages a perspective shift, depicting money as a tangible reward for hard work and innovation rather than a source of negativity. It urges viewers to reject the notion of money as inherently evil and embrace a mindset of gratitude and positivity.

Furthermore, ‘Things We Do For Money‘ is a testament to the fact that the use of everyday items has become an integral part of the practice of numerous contemporary African artists. the third installment of The 1111 Project presents a thought-provoking exploration of the various means through which individuals acquire wealth. This piece prompts introspection, symbolized by a close-up image of a person with coins covering their eyes, inviting viewers to reflect on past aspirations and future endeavors. Through this imagery, the artist highlights the irony and inevitability of human existence, encapsulated by the cheerful acceptance of mortality. This specific piece is the third and last piece from the Mammon collection.

Taking things a step further, ‘Gratitude’, the eighth artwork from the collection, serves as a personalized encouragement from Ouverture, employing futuristic motifs of time and space to symbolize the vast potential for achievement. This artwork also reflects the artist’s sense of gratitude. Through exploring the concept of levitation, “Gratitude” achieves a sense of balance, peace, and impact. While it may appear as a simple scene of a boulder hovering over a pot, it represents much more. The boulder defies gravity and ascends higher, symbolizing the individual’s ability to overcome obstacles and resist societal pressures. Ultimately, “Gratitude” inspires viewers to embrace their resilience and potential for growth.

An Ode To Nature

In the world of art, inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places. From the sprawling landscapes to the tiniest of organisms, nature has always been a wellspring of creativity for artists around the globe. But what happens when the materials themselves come from nature’s own bounty? ‘Garri, The Milky Way’ made with Cassava Flakes – English for Garri has an even deeper meaning. Despite its affordability and widespread consumption across all social classes, Garri, a steple food in Nigeria symbolizes dreams and aspirations.

In this artwork, the artist juxtaposes speckled Garri flakes against the backdrop of outer space, resembling stars or the Milky Way. This juxtaposition challenges the perceived barriers between the achievable and the unattainable, equating the commonplace garri to the unreachable stars, thus encouraging a shift in mindset towards possibilities and innovation. “Garri The Milky Way” embodies the essence of The 1111 Project, which aims to broaden perspectives on achieving goals and realizing potentials in a futuristic context.

A notable piece from The 1111 Project titled ‘Vulva’, is also worth mentioning. Nature’s reflection of human life through art is captivatingly depicted in “Vulva.” The piece features a slit in tree bark resembling a vagina, urging viewers not to shy away from anything. Ouverture’s anecdote about initially hesitating to share the piece on social media contrasts with his current nonchalant attitude, inviting everyone to appreciate it. Beyond its humorous aspect, “Vulva” serves as an homage to the beauty and abundance of nature, symbolizing fertility and growth. It extends the concept of fertility beyond mere human reproduction, embodying notions of evolution and hope. By challenging sensitivities, the artwork effectively communicates its message of embracing growth and abundance in unexpected ways.

Reshaping the Global Art Scene

Many African artists have long been crafting their work, especially using traditional sculpture and weaving techniques. However, in recent years, a transformative shift has occurred in the perception and global consumption of African art. Not only emerging new artistic voices demonstrate this change, but also the art world is integrating technology in innovative ways. One such groundbreaking development is the augmented reality collection from The 1111 project, which is revolutionizing the global art scene in unprecedented ways.

The 1111 project, founded by a visionary artist, has been at the forefront of blending art with cutting-edge technology. Through this augmented reality collection, we have effectively bridged the gap between traditional African art forms and modern digital experiences. By overlaying digital content onto physical artworks, we have created immersive and interactive experiences that transcend traditional boundaries.

One of the most striking aspects of The 1111 project’s augmented reality collection is its ability to democratize art appreciation. Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can now access and experience these digital artworks, no longer confined to galleries or museums. This accessibility has not only expanded the audience for African art but has also challenged the elitism often associated with the art world. In addition to its impact on audiences, The 1111 project’s augmented reality collection has also opened up new possibilities for African artists.

Embracing technology empowers artists to experiment with new forms of expression and reach a global audience like never before. This has led to a renaissance in African art, with artists pushing the boundaries of what is possible and challenging preconceived notions of African identity and creativity.


In the 21st century, the global art scene is undergoing a profound metamorphosis, propelled by the rapid advancement of technology and the interconnectedness of our global society. Artists from diverse backgrounds are transcending traditional boundaries and mediums as they converge to explore new frontiers of creativity. Initiatives like The 1111 Project, which seamlessly blend augmented reality with traditional African art, epitomize this transformative shift, offering immersive experiences that redefine the relationship between art and audience. Through such projects, art becomes not only a reflection of cultural heritage but also a catalyst for innovation and inclusivity, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas on a global scale.

Moreover, the infusion of everyday elements and nature into artistic endeavors serves as a testament to the boundless wellspring of inspiration that surrounds us. Artists challenge perceptions and ignite imaginations by juxtaposing the mundane with the extraordinary, inviting viewers to reconsider the world around them. By democratizing art through technology, these innovative creations become accessible to a wider audience, breaking down barriers and fostering greater appreciation for diverse cultural perspectives. As we navigate this dynamic evolution of art, we embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, embracing the endless possibilities that lie at the intersection of tradition, technology, and global interconnectedness.

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