"This is a visionary project and i commend the artist for producing these visionary masterpieces. Kudos."

If you’re reading this, congrats!

 You are among the 0.001% of art lovers fortunate enough to know all about what you are about to read, my dear friend.

So grab a seat AND imagine this..

Your personal art collection just got updated and your once-blank walls are finally transformed into spaces promoting the idea that self-celebration can be a positive form of self-empowerment when channeled constructively.

By the time you get to the end of this page, you will know the steps to take to become a premium collector.

We Took The 'Art' Scene To Heart

Over the course of our existence, one thing we continue to do is remind our collectors that their achievements are worth celebrating, no matter how big or small. And that the journey of personal growth is a continuous process.

We blew up in 2019 when the famous African Entertainment Mogul, Mr Collins Micheal Ajereh, popularly known as Don Jazzy reached out to us from one of our digital ads and became a proud premium collector. He posted videos of him enjoying our artworks and tagged us, and we enjoyed that sweet moment of fame – for about 10 minutes.


But to us, this was the signal we needed to let more people know about this amazing symbol of recognition and motivation  – Eleven artworks each with its own unique theme surrounding the human essence of being and an ability to come alive on your smartphone.


The journey from then till now has placed us in museums, homes and offices in over 17 cities worldwide encouraging individuals to embrace their ego as a source of strength and confidence.  

But Don’t Take Our Words For It, Listen To Our Collectors

If you love Art, Then you're definitely going to love The 1111 project, it's like watching a movie in an art piece
Tunde Olusosun
These Artworks are the best collection of Art I've ever come across in my life.
John Apkoki
This is awesome, I have always wanted to have one of this piece, now I have all 11 Artworks. Really inspiring works.
Beatrice C.

Stepping Outside The Creative Box

Gone are the days when you buy static wall arts with no sophistication. This was an aspect that we focused a major amount of time on.

Let me explain.

The collection was born from a simple yet profound question: “What if art could transcend the static confines of canvas and sculpture to become a living, breathing experience?” We envisioned an exhibition where visitors could not only SEE, but interact with art in a multi-dimensional space. Augmented Reality (AR) was the perfect tool to bring this vision to life, offering a way to overlay digital enhancements on the physical world.

This fusion of AR and art has ignited conversations about the future of creative expression and the role of technology in expanding artistic horizons.

Have a look:

This Collection is not made for everyone. It is for you if:
  • You have seen enough horrible artworks to last one lifetime
  • You seek to find something that validates the hard work and dedication you put in to achieve success.
  • You take pride in your personal and professional milestones.
  • You want to build a positive self-image by focusing on your strengths
  • You want four pieces of our bestselling Book for FREE
  • You want your living space to standout without breaking the bank


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