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State of the Art Prints

All eleven art prints are made to be hung on your walls. Even though you probably know that, it really can’t be overstated. The 11 photographic prints were made possible through a technique developed by the artists circa 2017/2018, called systematic abstract imaging.

a home in dublin

Hi Ouverture, these works are simply amazing, they fit just fine on my walls.


– Matt

a room in atlanta

I knew these beautiful artworks will fit so well on my new walls, your art is outstanding, please keep it up.

– Ayo

a beautiful experience

This is the best visual experience of my life, it feels like I’m in a candy store.

– Christine

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access card

Getting all eleven prints will earn you an Exclusive Commission Access Card. This means that The 1111 Project team will commission and create an augmented reality rendition of any artwork from your personal collection. For example, you could animate a portrait of your dad breakdancing on Mount Everest. Or not. Anyway, the Exclusive Commission Access Card is just a super exciting.

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