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‘Eleven Eleven’. Its catchy isn’t it? Catchy, and more convenient than mouthing ‘One thousand, one hundred and eleven’ without exhausting your face muscles. You might be wondering what the number ‘11’ has to do with anything. Well, dear distinguished word-consumer, it has everything to do with Ouverture’s one-year visual art project. In fact, it is more significant of his life, rather than being just an eccentric title. 

Numbers apparently have power, as spacey as that sounds; they do. Before you run away screaming, hear me out. We don’t have to believe in crystal balls, fortune cookies, or fishy star-sign content on Instagram, to see that numbers are the basis of human life and the world around us. We are hardly conscious of just how much range numbers really have in our lives: From, birthdays, quantifying your body parts, betting your life-savings on football, painful debit alerts, the amount of failed relationships you have had, blah, blah. To, deeper concepts such as positive and negative connotations of numbers within different cultures, or… why the heck our minds gender numbers. 

The concept of numerology isn’t crazy talk about magic; its life, it’s the universe we inhabit. It is the relationship between a number and coincidence, it illustrates how numbers relate to letters in words, names and ideas. 

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your wildest imaginations

are possible. You’ve seen it all over this website, it’s all over the Record, it’s in the message of each art print: the ability to break bounds. The project inspires you to think big and do bigger. The artist thought up the idea in his studio, and went with it, making his lucky number, 11, the very essence of the project because of the positivity it represents in his life. Within the scope of The 1111 Project and beyond, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and NFTs are tools used to make ideas come to life, literally, to make things ‘possible’. And by extension, you, the individual are made to see just how possible your wildest imagination could be. 


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