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Eleven artworks to inspire the individual

Welcome To
The 1111 Project!

Created by Oladapo Ogunjobi  


What is it about?

The 1111 Project is birthed from one single idea: possibility. It is a visual artistic expression of eleven art pieces made to blur the lines between imagination and real life, through this illustrating that anything is possible. The 1111 Project is symbolic of the science, philosophy and psychology of numbers, because numbers are how humans have quantified their experiences for the longest time. Synchronicity exists in everything, in the artist’s life and in ours. The artworks are simply a visual stimulant meant to make the viewer conscious enough to notice. 

The artworks express relatable real life experiences presented in an array of forms for ultimate viewer interaction. Limited edition signed art prints, Printable Downloads, NFTs, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. But that’s not where it ends, it ends with you.  

The 1111 Project by Oladapo Ogunjobi


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Every artwork on this project is a part of my life story and I’m happy I’ve been able to share this with you. I designed this project for individuals of different works of life. From the astronaut to the supermarket cashier, The 1111 Project is designed for you.

Oladapo Ogunjobi 'Ouverture'


Welcome to the Virtual Reality Gallery

The Pieces Have Grown GLOBAL Audiences In Various CITIES